R. STAHL is a leading manufacturer of protection explosion solutions for  Electrical & Automation products, offering numerous decades (more than 80 years') of experience. Wherever there are explosive gas-air mixtures or dusts, our products prevent  explosions, with the highest degree of dependability and quality we ensure the safety of persons, the  environment and technology. ŸLuminaires ŸJunction and Terminal Boxes ŸControl Boxes ŸOperating and Monitoring Systems ŸCameras and CCTV Equipment ŸAutomation Interfaces and Solutions ŸControl Systems and Distribution Boards ŸSignaling devices ŸPlugs and Sockets ŸCable Glands, Components and Enclosures
Leviton offers a portfolio of safe and reliable products for the oil and gas  exploration industry, from extraction to refineries to petrochemical plants. Safety and reliability are the most important factors for electrical device selection in the oil field. ŸAutomation - Smart Home ŸAudio/Visual ŸOutlets ŸSub metering ŸSwitches & Timers ŸGFCI/AFCI ŸSurge Protection & Power Strips ŸNetworking
We put the spotlight on lighting quality, creating lighting systems designed for all spaces and environments. Gewiss lighting solutions are characterized by our extensive experience in the lighting sector, the most advanced LED  technologies on the market and the ultimate expression of Italian design. The perfect blend of quality,  beauty, efficiency and energy savings.  ŸLighting ŸDomotics ŸPower & Weatherproof industrial socket ŸPower Building
Your Tesla can charge anywhere with standard equipment and convenient options, including our global charging networks. ŸSolar & battery ŸElectric Vehicle charge
Emile Egger & Cie SA is a medium-sized, independent and owner-operated Swiss industrial enterprise with a concentration on the development and  manufacture of pumps and Iris® diaphragm control valves.  ŸŸŸIris® diaphragm control valve  ŸŸŸTuro® Vortex Pumps T/TA  ŸŸŸProcess Pumps EO/EOS ŸŸŸPilot Pump S
INTERTEC™ has designed and shipped over a million outdoor enclosures since 1965, to protect equipment operating in the most demanding operating conditions on Earth - from Arctic regions to the hottest desert. ŸProtection Enclosures ŸŸShades/Canopies  ŸŸProtection cabinets/shelters ŸŸHeaters ŸŸThermostats and tempera-ture controllers (explosion proof) ŸŸNon-Ex heaters ŸŸHot box ŸŸPassive cooled enclosures   ŸŸshelter
Leader in designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly low power usage, long life LED bulbs and LED lamps as direct replace to incandescent bulbs.  ŸTube Lights ŸHigh / Low Bay Lights ŸCeiling Light Panels ŸCFL Replacement Bulbs ŸCanopy Lights ŸLinear Lighting ŸLED Bulbs ŸRetrofit Lighting ŸDownlights ŸNeon Rope & Strip Lighting
Condition Monitoring Software Online Condition Monitoring Online Machinery Protection Portable Monitoring Systems Sensors Services : Test Equipment & Calibration Services Ranger Pro Wireless Sensor System
Flash Technology has earned a reputation in the telecommunications, broadcast, wind energy, airport and utilities markets based on technical superiority, manufacturing excellence and exceptional levels of  service. Flash obstruction lighting offers customers the advantages of: A unique combination of compliance expertise, including monitoring and training, plus reliable and  cost-effective turnkey solutions, qualified installation and maintenance services. ŸObstruction Lighting ŸDual Obstruction Lighting ŸRed Obstruction Lighting ŸWhite Obstruction Lighting ŸCatenary Lighting ŸHigh Intensity Lighting ŸSolar Obstruction Lighting ŸLighting by Industry ŸInternational Obstacle Lights

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