Formerly Tekmar-Dohrmann, is a leader in the design and manufacturing of analytical  instrumentation for the laboratory like  Lotix TOC Combustion Analyzer    Torch Combustion TOC/TN Analyzer  Fusion TOC Analyzer  Atomx Automated VOC Sample Prep System  ŸŸAquaTek 100 Waters-only Auto sampler  ŸŸHT3 Static & Dynamic Headspace Analyzer  Stratum PTC Purge & Trap Concentrator Versa Automated Headspace Vial Sampler.
Leading manufacturer of laboratory instruments for separation and analysis and treatment plant and field instruments for water & waste water monitoring like  Liquid Chromatography.
Provides quality testing instrumentation and technical support services for research and testing laboratories like Viscosity  Penetration   General Test Equipment Distillation  Fuels   Lubricating Oil Tribology (Wear & Friction)   Lubricating Greases Bitumens & Waxes
VICI® is an acronym for Valco Instruments Company Inc. VICI now defines multiple  companies which manufacture various products for the analytical industry.  Cheminert injectors selectors  Ÿ Ÿvalves Ÿ ŸValco injectors  Ÿ Ÿselectors Ÿ ŸDiaphragm valves miscellaneous valves Cheminert fittings Valco fittings Filters Actuators and accessories Ÿ ŸCalibration gas standards Ÿ ŸFIA accessories Ÿ ŸFlow/pressure controllers Gas monitors Gas purifiers Liquid handling Products for GC Syringes and probes Tools Tubing.
Your competent partner in handling hazardous substances. DÜPERTHAL is an  internationally operating enterprise in the areas of fire protection, environmental  protection and working safety and it has been the leading   enterprises of this branch for almost 40 years.
The world leader in design and manufacturing of instruments and software, that delivers advance precision rubber and elastomeric materials   analysis for production optimization and product  compliance solutions. ŸATC ŸPremierTM ESR ŸX-Series PremierTM RPA Premier™ MDR Premier™ HC Premier™ MV Arc 2020 Pioneer™ Density
Global manufacturer of analytical instruments such as  Viscometers  Rheometers   Cement Tester  Core flow tester  Drilling Fluid Tester.
develop complete out of the box analytical technologies (hard and software). From  prototype to turnkey installations  Microscopy  Particle Size Analysis  Heating and Cooling Stages  Flash Point Analyzers  ŸŸXRF  Spectrometers  ŸŸSpectroscopy  3D Laser Topography  Forensic Analysis  Microplate Reader  Software, Lab Robot Systems.
 Designs, manufactures, markets, and  distributes the world’s most sensitive and selective  scientific instruments of this type for the natural gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food/beverage industries.

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